Manufacturer warranty/warranty conditions and service for SachsenRAD e-bikes (as of 09/2023)

Warranty and guarantee:
You can make warranty claims within a maximum period of 24 months from the date of purchase. The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the damaged component / e-bike and is carried out at our discretion. Our warranty is always free of charge for you. However, it does not apply if defects other than material and processing defects are discovered.

Warranty on frame:
There is a five-year guarantee on the frame against breakage. The guarantee begins on the date of purchase. In the event of a frame breakage, we will offer you an exchange of the e-bike or a credit note, less a usage fee, upon presentation of the purchase receipt. The amount of the usage fee depends on the period since you purchased the e-bike. The guarantee does not apply if defects other than material and processing defects are found - or in the event that you have drilled holes in the frame, for example to attach accessories. In this case, the guarantee on the electronics of your e-bike also expires.

Battery warranty:

We provide a 12-month guarantee on the proper functioning of the battery. The guarantee begins on the date of purchase. The guarantee is limited to the repair or replacement of the battery and is carried out at the discretion of SachsenRAD. The guarantee is always free of charge for you. The guarantee does not apply if defects other than material and processing defects are found. Changes due to wear and tear, such as reduced capacity, are expressly excluded from the guarantee.


  1. The warranty claim must be proven by presenting the buyer’s proof of purchase.
  2. The investigation of the fault and its causes is always carried out by LEICKE. The components replaced under the warranty or guarantee become our property.
  3. In the event of a justified warranty or guarantee claim, the costs of shipping and the costs of removal and installation shall be borne by LEICKE.
  4. If the e-bike has been modified by third parties or by installing third-party parts, or if any defects that have occurred are originally related to the modification, the warranty and guarantee claim will expire. It will also expire if the instructions in the operating manual regarding the handling and use of the bike have not been followed. This particularly applies to the intended use and the care and maintenance instructions.
  5. Not included in the warranty or guarantee are:
    • a) Components that are subject to wear, consumption or deterioration (except for obvious material or manufacturing defects), such as: tires, lights, saddle, brake components, stands, rechargeable battery/battery, chain, sprockets, handles, safety lock, gear pinions, stickers/decorations, cables, Bowden cables, etc.
    • b) Damage resulting from:
      - non-use of original spare parts
      - Manipulation of the engine control software (including derestricting, tuning, etc.)
      - improper installation of components by the buyer or a third party.
      - Damage caused by stone chips, hail, road salt, industrial fumes, lack of care, unsuitable care products, etc.
    • c) Consumables not related to repairs to recognised faults.
    • d) any maintenance or other work resulting from wear and tear, accident or operating conditions such as driving in violation of the manufacturer's instructions.
    • e) all occurrences such as noise, vibrations, discolouration, wear and tear, etc., which do not affect the basic and driving characteristics.
    • f) Costs for maintenance, inspection and cleaning work.
  6. The warranty or guarantee claim entitles the customer to demand only that the defect be remedied. Claims for return or reduction of the purchase price only apply if the repair fails. Compensation for direct or indirect damage will not be granted.
  7. The warranty or guarantee period is neither renewed nor extended by an executed warranty or guarantee. The assertion of claims after the expiry of the period is excluded.
  8. Warranty and guarantee provisions other than those listed above are only valid if they are confirmed in writing by LEICKE GmbH / SachsenRAD.
If a technical problem occurs with the e-bike you have purchased, please contact the LEICKE GmbH / SachsenRAD support hotline.