Regular inspection: small checklist

  1. Check the tires for damage and whether the tire pressure is sufficient.
  2. To check the function of the front brake, tighten it half or two thirds and if the front wheel does not turn, everything is in working order. To check the rear brake: put weight on the foot pedal when lifting the bike. The brake is effective if the rear wheel does not turn.
  3. Make sure the quick release parts are locked into place.
  4. The safety line on the tube of the handlebar attachment and the saddle must not be visible. Check that everything is tight.
  5. Check if the frame and front fork are cracked or deformed, if pedals, gears and tires are intact.
  6. Check if the transmission is deformed or damaged.
  7. Check if the transmission can be used normally.
  8. Check the bolts and nuts. Raise the front and rear wheels about 10 to 20cm, then bounce them on the ground. If there are noises, there may be loose parts.
  9. Check if the lighting can be used normally
  10. Notes on inspection and maintenance of some components and systems

The front and rear wheels of the vehicle should be centered on the fork or frame. The tension of each spoke on the wheel rim should be similar and the rim should form a regular circle with no dents. If spokes are missing or broken, the rim will lose stability. Please consult your dealer or professional technician for repair and troubleshooting. The rim must be smooth. If it is not, it will increase the resistance of the ride or cause a hazard. If you think you need to make adjustments, please contact your dealer or see a professional technician.


Your e-bike is equipped with a high-quality drive chain. Please keep the chain clean and add lubricant often.

WARNING: The brake pads and rims must be kept away from grease. Keep the rims and brake pads clean.

WARNING: Humid or moist air can also cause brake wear. Please avoid riding in wet or rainy weather. If you cannot avoid it, remember that your braking distance in rain and snow is many times greater than normal. Please drive slowly and keep away from other vehicles and brake early. Failure to do so may result in accidents, significant property damage, serious bodily injury or death. If you are unsure about the performance of your vehicle, contact your dealer or a professional service technician and ask them to test the performance of the brakes. Test again in a safe location before each use.

Always inspect the tire for scratches, cracks or excessive wear. The tire should be properly mated to the rim. The tire bead line should be fully exposed. If the tire cannot be fully expanded, apply water to the rim and tire to increase lubrication. The bicycle tube valve should be perpendicular to the rim. Damaged or excessively worn tires must be replaced immediately. Please contact your dealer or a professional technician to replace your tires. If your tires are accidentally punctured, contact your dealer or technician for repair or replacement.

WARNING: Do not drive if your tires are leaking or underinflated. Failure to do so may result in severe damage to the vehicle, substantial property damage, accidents, and sometimes serious bodily injury or death.

E-bike rear wheel hub motor
Do not open the motor and do not overload or operate the motor over a long distance or a very steep incline. It is strictly prohibited to attach other things on or to the motor housing, this may negatively affect statics, riding safety and heat dissipation.

Brake system
Depending on the conditions, the braking effect may decrease after a short running-in period or a squealing may be heard.
The squealing could be caused by contamination. You should carefully clean your brake discs with a suitable cleaner (brake cleaner).
If the braking effect decreases, you can retighten the Bowden cables using the adjusting screws on your respective brake lever of the e-bike handlebar. If the last step no longer leads to an improvement in the braking effect, we recommend that you visit a specialist workshop or a suitable technician. Check your brakes before every ride!
For additional questions, contact our support !